Canine Conditioning LLC
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    Fitness is important for the long and healthy life of our dogs - whether you have a young pup, a senior dog, a canine athlete, or a couch potato dog. I work with all breeds and all ages in all conditions. I can provide an at-home program as well as on-site training opportunities. I will assess the current condition of your dog and recommend an appropriate fitness program based on your dog's current state of fitness, your dog's age, and your goals for your dog.
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    In additon to fitness, I offer training in canine parkour, tracking, and nosework
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    My goal is to make fitness fun for you and your dog. My tools includes: * Inflatable exercise equipment (eg, ToToFit, FitPaws) and wobble / rocker boards * land treadmill, cavalettis, crawl tunnel, & agility equipment * cold laser
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    My special interests are: * the safe growth and development of puppies * the comfort of senior dogs * the strength, flexibility, and endurance of canine athletes